Twitter Assignment

Hello all,

For this page I’m going to do a little bit of social media research. We have a twitter assignment where we are supposed to follow three “tweeters” in the entertainment industry for a week. Once that week is over, we are to analyze how effective each tweeter’s tweets have been. As social media is becoming more pervasive in our culture, society, and business, it is important for us to understand what works and what doesn’t work. To be effective and efficient communicators in this day is paramount.

As I mentioned, there will be three tweeters I will be concentrating on. One will be a publicist, another a celebrity, with the last one being an entertainment news reporter. 

First, let’s start with the publicist of the group. I chose a lady named Michelle from Panache booking. I’ve worked with Michelle the past couple of years as she’s helped me book bands for various SXSW shows I’ve helped put together. I’ve always been impressed with her organization skills and her professionalism. I can’t imagine how busy she must be in a given day, and this time of year must be insane with SXSW just around the corner. I followed Michelle from March 1st to the 5th to gauge her twitter savviness. Michelle had four tweets during that time-span, and each of them were effective. Her first one was a link to some photos from a show that featured a couple of the bands she represents. Good stuff, really engaging and personal look at the bands. Her last few tweets of the week highlighted other events her bands were playing and served the purpose of informing her followers of their doings. I liked her tweets but I thought she should’ve had more. I’m not a fan of a tweeter that tweets every hour, however, I do think she could’ve had more than 4 for the week.

The celebrity that I followed was Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy’s twitter was a bit different than Michelle’s. He chose to tweet about funny things going on in the internet and didn’t do a lot of self promotion. I actually thought this was a good decision by Jimmy. It’s not like Jimmy has to introduce himself to the public, people already know who he is. It seems to me that he uses his twitter as a way to “brand” himself and in doing so, he creates an identity for himself and his show. He does sprinkle in information about his show and upcoming events, but it’s done in a non-obtrusive way that I can appreciate. 

The entertainment reporter I followed was Giuliana Rancic from E! News. I thought her tweets were a bit annoying. There wasn’t a theme to them, it seems as though she uses her twitter to let people know how her day is going. Some of them refer to her work, but they don’t make me want to view them. I think she needs to understand the needs of her followers better and make her tweets more useful.


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