Is Tiger Out of the Woods?

Today was a monumental day in the life of Eldrick Tont Woods. The golf champion finally addressed his wrongdoings to the public and it was quite a spectacle. Media were not allowed to ask any questions, they just had to sit quietly and transcribe the event. 

The press conference was masterfully planned and organized by Tiger’s publicists. There was little information to attain prior to the conference and there wasn’t much time to prepare. It was announced only two days ago and that left reporters and talking heads only hours to prepare for the public apology. 

Let’s analyze how Tiger handled the apology. I thought he did a wonderful job of addressing the public’s concerns head on and not shying away from accepting the blame. He didn’t blame his problems on his sex addiction or any other excuse. He acknowledged that he was unfaithful and that he cheated on his wife. He looked confident and sincere as he was delivering his message and I’m sure his publicist knew what the public was thirsting for. 

It remains to be seen the backlash over Tiger’s controlling nature, in regards to his press conference. I’m sure media members were upset that they were not given the opportunity to ask questions and develop a story. However, Tiger is in another stratosphere of celebrity. He can afford to handle the press conference the way he sees fit and I think he’s handling the situation correctly. I think he made a good decision to not address the situation for so long. He was able to get his story together and apologize on his terms. Furthermore, had he addressed the situation from the beginning, he would’ve had to address the women he slept with, instead of his problem.

Good luck to Tiger, he’s the world’s greatest athlete. Hopefully he’ll learn from this situation, and hopefully the PR world will learn from this crisis.


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