Jimmy Fallon Goes Back to School

photo credit: yuppiedanceparty

As I update this blog more and more I feel that my readers will get a better sense of me as a person. My humor, my pet peeves, and my interests. One interesting thing about me is that I host a radio show for the University of Texas’ student-run radio station, KVRX.

Cool, huh? Yeah, it really is. One perk of being at KVRX is that it allows me to meet or talk to creative and talented people. This week on my show, I was fortunate enough to conduct a phone interview with comedian/actor/late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

First off, I don’t have the recording yet. I’ll put it up on An Open Discussion this weekend, probably this Sunday. The question everyone has been asking me is, “Why did Jimmy Fallon do an interview for a college radio show?” Valid question. It looks strange from afar, but when you investigate why, the idea becomes clearer.

photo credit: scifiwire.com

Anyone who has watched “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” understands that NBC is targeting the 18-24 crowd, and they are coming after them strong. Just take a look at Jimmy’s set pictured above. He’s dressed as a hip, young male. He has an Apple Macbook on his desk (a favorite for college-aged kids). He somehow convinced The Roots to be the house band, and he regularly video chats with guests. This is certainly not the type of show that my Grandfather is going to identify with. Amidst slumping ratings and programming realignment, NBC has dedicated a block of programming to young viewers because that’s who advertisers want.

Back to my interview with Jimmy. I asked his publicist if there was something he was promoting, because the publicist asked us (KVRX) to do the interview. KVRX wasn’t the only ones to get Jimmy for an interview that day. He did several college radio interviews all with the goal of casting his net as wide as possible; and hopefully catching some college-aged viewers.

I think it’s a smart move and at the very least, he has one fan in Austin, TX.


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