Ipad: How it was introduced.

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by …  a potentially ground-breaking event was held in San Francisco, CA Wednesday morning as Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to their latest invention. The event had been hyped for quite sometime and the jury is still out on whether or not Apple delivered. There is much I don’t understand about this new tablet, but that’s not what I’m here for …

. Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

For today’s entry, I want to examine how effective Steve Jobs and co. were at unveiling their newest creation: the Ipad. What could Apple have done differently? Did they build up too much hype for their product? What about the name, was that a poor choice? How about the presentation? Did Jobs seem smug and detached as per usual?

 Photo credit: babble.com

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stepped on the stage in his traditional black long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. There was excitement in the air as the audience awaited the anticipated release of Apple’s new tablet. As with most things Apple, the event was professionally decorated and had the look and feel of a mac-lovers paradise.

 Photo credit: washingtonpost.com

I feel that a mistake made by the Apple decision makers was their inability to showcase the features of the Ipad that make it different from an Iphone or a Macbook. It’s not as if Steve Jobs rushed to put this product together. Most people I have talked to still don’t understand what they would do with the tablet. Apple failed to highlight many of the features that people wanted: faster processor, user-friendly web browsing, e-book capability. As an Apple enthusiast, I didn’t feel like I was explained thoroughly what I could actually do with this machine and why I would spend a small fortune (at least for a college student) on this product. Jobs should’ve been more excited about the options this gives us for the future (particularly for media). That not only would’ve gotten a rise out of traditional media mediums, but it would’ve given a concrete reason for a person to purchase this unfortunately named product.

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